The Adventures of: Telekinesis Guy

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The Revenge of Grando-Poloxo

(Gran-dough-poh-locks-oh) Part 2

Before we continue on Part 2 I just have to say you guys are great!!! (Except for Shane). Now onto the story.

T.G. is in the black hole and is losing his power. He needs to eat broccoli but can’t get any. Just when he thinks all is lost he looks up to the top of the black hole and see’s his crime fighting friend TELEKINESIS GAL!!! She pulls him out and kisses him. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Hubba hubba!!! Then they sneak up behind him(because they went to sneak school and learnt from there teacher andrew!!!) and give him an atomic wedgie. He warps into nothing and disappears. T.G. and T.G. save the day and everyone’s happy



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Film Review-Doctor Who: The Runaway Bride

April 16, 2007 at 1:47 pm (Uncategorized)

This particular Doctor Who episode was Phenomenally Fantastic. The atmosphere of this episode was very suspenseful and i could see the people around me watching the show literally on the edge of there seats. There eyes were fixed on the screen waiting for the next thrill coming. I could just see their concentration on the screen trying to figure out what’s going on. It was amazing. The plot of this episode was crazy in a good way. The story line was irresistible just how everything fell into place.

This episode is really good but I can’t really summarise it in a paragraph (because I don’t know how) but i can summarise it in about ten words, Doctor Who the Runaway Bride is… Breathtakingly, not unsuccessfully, phenomenally, absolutely, wondrously, fantastically, captivatingly, monstrously great. 10 words that describes and hopefully summarises this episode.

What i loved about this film is that during the show you didn’t figure out what was going on until near the end of the episode. How it all made sense and came together. The story line was long, yet FANTASTIC!!! The setting was absolutely amazing but the special and sound effects were awesome fully sick mate. And the music in the background really set the mood, like when the evil empress of Racnoss is dying there was like a, hooray! We did it kind of music. And when Donna was sad there was a slow ballad in the background. I really loved how the creators used ordinary objects into extraordinary things. That was the best.

Some or A negative thing about the episode was the way the empress of Racnoss was laughing, that really annoyed me. And also the way the creepy Santa masks looked. I didn’t like that.

The Actors were phenomenal as there Characters and they were really good, it didn’t seem like a B grade show. The Actors portrayal was very good and they deserved to act on a great show like Doctor Who. Some impressions of the Characters are similar to people in the real world like being betrayed and hurt, but also finding a new friend. But real people couldn’t relate to a giant evil spider empress trying to take over the world, and if they do they are probably crazy or not real.

My final comments are that this episode and series is great and that you should go see it. In some ways you could relate to some of the things shown on there, and maybe even realise your mistakes. So if you would have asked me ‘Should I see this’ I’d say yes.

My 5 star rating is 4 and a 1/2 stars out of 5

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The Adventures of: Telekinesis Guy!!!

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The Revenge of Grando-Poloxo

(Gran-dough-poh-locks-oh) Part 1

Before you read this blog you should scroll down and read the first of this series so you know what’s going on. Title: The Adventures of Telekinesis Guy-The Attack of Galactagogon (Gah-lack-tah-goo-gong).

One sunny day in the fine city of Fantasiana (Fan-tay-zee-arna) Jaron Why a.k.a Telekinesis Guy was trying to convince Trickalarnagratana (Trick-a-larna-grey-tarna) to stop hypnotising people to do her evil bidding when the super duper code red alert siren went off. Jaron (T.G.) put on his crime fighting costume and went to the super duper code red alert screen. The mayor of Fantasiana told T.G. the problem. “T.G, your other arch nemesis the evil supreme overlord of Fantasiana Grando-Polox… Grando… Polxoahfilsug, ummmm…”

“Grando-Poloxo.” Corrected T.G. 

“…yeah, him, he’s at it again. He’s attacking Fantasiana because you didn’t let him finish his answer to your question, so now he is sucking up the city into his black holes. YOU must do something before the whole city disappears. Please hurry!!! Oh, T.G. you should know that the evil supreme overlord of Fantasiana Grando-Poloxo can be defeated by…” but it was too late, Telekinesis Guy had already left.  

Meanwhile in the heart of the city…

“Mwahahahahahahahaha! I am the evil supreme overlord of Fantasiana Grando-Poloxo and no one can defeat me unless they find out my secret that only the mayor knows and if done to me I will be destroyed easily. Mwahahahahaha!”  The evil supreme overlord of Fantasiana Grando-Poloxo started to make another black hole but a fridge hit him in the face. He got up and saw T.G. readying to hurl more fridges at him (because the local fridge store was on that street). Then T.G. said his superhero catch phrase, “Have no fear, T.G. is here, and this catch phrase is not that queer.” This made the evil supreme overlord of Fantasiana Grando-Poloxo really mad and started to make more black holes. But, T.G. just kept hurling fridges at him. The evil supreme overlord of Fantasiana Grando-Poloxo was now really pissed so T.G. threw another fridge at him but he made a black hole and sucked in the fridge. T.G. flew at fast as he could to the mayors office as fast as he could because he just heard the mayor say, ‘The evil supreme overlord of Fantasiana Grando-Poloxo can be defeated by…’ He arrived at the mayors house and asked him, the mayor said, “Well, A, what are doing here when The evil supreme overlord of Fantasiana Grando-Poloxo is still destroying  Fantasiana, and 2, you can defeat him by giving him an atomic wedgie.”

“Well, to answer your first question I’m here to ask you how to defeat the evil supreme overlord of Fantasiana Grando-Poloxo, and 2, thank you very much.” T.G. flew away back to where the evil supreme overlord of Fantasiana Grando-Poloxo was. But instead of making himself obvious by chucking fridges at Grando, he snuck up behind him and used his Telekinesis powers to lift up his incredibly comfy and soothing bonds underwear (not a product placement) and give him a wedgie. But, when T.G. tried lifting his incredibly comfy and soothing bonds underwear (still not a product placement) it was just an illusion, because when you are around a black hole a long time without getting sucked in you start to hallucinate. But actually the evil supreme overlord of Fantasiana Grando-Poloxo was behind T.G. readying a black hole!!! But it was too late, T.G. got sucked in!  

Will T.G. be able to get out of the black hole and escape before the city is destroyed??? Tune in next time and find out. Also you will meet T.G.’s new crime fighting friend, Telekinesis Gal!!! Will she be part of the aid of getting T.G. out of the black hole? Well, like I said before, TUNE IN NEXT TIME TO FIND OUT!!!

Written and created by: Jaron Why

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Doctor Who?- The Runaway Bride

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What: Doctor Who-The runaway bride

This episode of Doctor Who is about a normal everyday person involved in an evil plan that she didn’t know about. I think the director’s purpose is to entertain the viewer. Its genre is action, with a hint of science-fiction and a pinch of comedy. This episode was a bit scary, weird and different rolled into one.

When and Where: The action takes place in England in the present day. They also go into outer space and near the centre of the earth.

Who: The writer was Russell T. Davis and it was directed by Euros Lyn.

The actors were:

1)      David Tennant (Doctor Who-Main Character)

2)      Catherine Tate (Donna Noble-Runaway Bride-Main Character)

3)      The Empress of Racnoss (not sure who played her)

4)      Lance (Donna’s fiancé, pawn of the empress. Not sure who played him)

The intended audience I think is people who like sci-fi and people who liked the old Doctor Who.

How: The show conveys its tone very well and I think it makes the audience excited and worried at times, and they make the audience enjoy what there watching so it will make them tune in next week.

It fills its purpose to the brim, if it’s purpose is to make people watching the show, wanting to watch more they have definitely fulfilled there purpose.

Evaluation:  I love watching Doctor Who and yes I do like the show in general because it is exciting and makes me sit on the edge of my seat because you just don’t know what’s going to happen next.

The specific thing I like about Doctor Who is that they use everyday objects into things that you wouldn’t have imagined of those things being used for that purpose.

I don’t think it could be improved, they’ve got it all down, the actors, the script, props, everything!

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Superheroes- My ability is Telekinesis

April 15, 2007 at 4:25 am (Uncategorized)

Just like the title says my ability is Telekinesis. This ability lets me lift objects with the power of my mind. It has many limitations though. Like…

  1. I can only lift 50 times my own weight which is 2.5 tonnes.
  2. If i use my powers to much i start to lose energy. But i can regain my energy by eating broccoli.
  3. I have to eat broccoili to regain my energy.
  4. I can black out if i use to much of my powers

I didn’t want this power but i got it. Because of my mum i got this power. My mum had telekinesis and while i was growing up she taught me how to control it and told me the limitations it had. This power is really effective against my arch nemesis Galactagogon (Gah-lack-tah-goo-gong). His power is controlling earth to do his will but only when he is physically touching it. His special move is the Earthquake smash, he hits the ground and creates Earthquakes that can get up to 10.5 on the rector scale. One time Galactagogon was destroying the city and I picked him up with my powers and couldn’t create Earthquakes anymore ’cause he wasn’t touching the ground. This power can also benefit the towns people with Major and minor problems. Here are some.

Some Major problems:

  1. Stopping Galctagogon from destroying the city.
  2. Help rebuild destroyed buildings.
  3. Save people stuck from under debris and collapsed buildings.

Some Minor problems:

  1. Getting an old ladies stuck cat down from a tree.
  2. Helping an elderly crossing the street without him/her touching the ground.
  3. Opening a stuck pickle jar lid.

The bad things about my power is that i can lose control if my power is drained and i don’t stop. Things could go flying anywhere and may injure people. Also when someone is in danger and i can’t help them if my power is drained. That’s why my power can be bad because my energy drains quickly.

My superhero story is a blog down.

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The Adventures of: Telekinesis Guy!!!

April 15, 2007 at 3:51 am (Uncategorized)

The Attack of Galactagogon

One fine day in Fantasiana (Fan-tay-zee-arna) city, Jaron Why a.k.a Telekinesis Guy was sitting in his office trying to convince the evil supreme overlord of Fantasiana Grando-Poloxo (Grand-o-poh-locks-o) to stop thinking he is the evil supreme overlord of Fantasiana and to just try to live a normal life. Just as Grando-poloxo was about to answer the super duper code red alert siren went off. Jaron, (T.G.) put on his crime-fighting outfit and went to the super duper code red alert screen. The screen turned on and the mayor of Fantasiana told him the problem. “Telekinesis Guy, your arch nemesis Galactago…Ga-lact-a-go, whatever his name is, the bad guy, is making giant earthquakes and is destroying the city with his mighty Earth punch. You must stop him before it’s too late!”

“O.k. Mayor, I’m on my way! Um, by the way it’s Galactagogon (Gah-lack-tah-goo-gong). Just thought you would like to know.”

Meanwhile… in the heart of Fantasiana city.

“Me Galactagogon, me smash up town and me will stop Telekinenenesis Guy!” Roared Galactagogon. Just then T.G. (Telekinesis Guy) arrived and said his superhero catch phrase.

“Have no fear, T.G. is here, and this catch phrase is not that queer!” Galactagogon used his earth lifting powers and sent a giant boulder straight at T.G. But, it was no use; T.G. just used his telekinesis powers and sent the boulder back at him. But he just smashed the boulder and debris went everywhere. Unlike the last time T.G. defeated Galactagogon, he just lifted him up, but this time Galactagogon had put on an extra tone or so and T.G. had difficulty lifting him up. He was trying really hard and his energy was draining really quickly. T.G. stopped trying and needed to find broccoli fast. So he quickly flew to the closest broccoli stand. He picked the vendor up and shoved the entire tub of broccoli into his mouth and in one gulp he ate it all. Because he ate more than one piece of broccoli he power was multiplied 50 times more than his original power level. He flew back to where Galactagogon was and said to him,

“Galactagogon, I just ate broccoli so now you have no chance against me.”

“NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” Cried Galactagogon “I’m still not giving up without a fight!” So Galactagogon kept hurdling boulders at T.G. but he just sent them back. Finally, T.G. was getting tired of this and picked up Galactagogon and brought him to the high tech zero gravity prison. After that T.G. helped rebuild the city and was rewarded with a life time supply of broccoli and the key to the city.

Next time in the adventures of Telekinesis Guy, T.G. is faced against the evil supreme overlord of Fantasiana Grando-Poloxo, with powers that can create black holes at maximum 4 miles in diameter. Will T.G. be able to stop Grando-Poloxo before he creates a black hole and swallows up the city? Tune in next time to find out.

Written and Created by: Jaron Why The 2nd page of the superhero story is on the blog on top.

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Friendship assignment

February 21, 2007 at 10:30 pm (Uncategorized)

(2) Do you think it’s important to have good friends?Yes, I think it is very important to have friends, especially good friends. Because they would respect you be loyal to you and be nice to you and everybody needs that kind of respect.3) Why is Fox described as a ‘flickering tongue of fire’? What does this tell us about the effect he will have on Dog and Magpie.Maybe it means he is a danger to them. That he is evil and they should beware.4) Think of five words that describe Dog, Fox and Magpie.Dog- Courageous, Trustworthy, Brave, Friendly, FunFox- Manipulative, Sneaky, Fast, Lonely, Evil.Magpie- Gullible, Hurt, Thrill-seeking, Traitor, Alone.5) Magpie feels that Fox’s smell fills up the cave. She isn’t really describing his smell, but how she makes him feel. What does this tell you about how she feels about Fox?She feels uncomfortable, unsafe with Fox around mostly because he kept staring at her wing. She feels that Fox is untrustworthy.6) Why do you think Fox splits up Dog and Magpie? Would he have done this if he had more friends of his own?If he had more friends he never would have met Dog and Magpie and if he did he would be happy nad be friendly with them and not split them up.7) Why would Fox’s scream be a scream of despair? Why would it be one of triumph?Maybe it was a scream of triumph because he accomplished spliting Magpie and Dog up.
Do you think Magpie was really good friends with Dog? Why/why not?
Magpie was good friends with Dog because even though she betrayed him she still tried to find him even though she didn’t know where she was.

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Fox (Dog’s point of view)

February 21, 2007 at 2:07 am (Uncategorized)

I was running in hot ashes through the charred forest. I found a bird and had her in my mouth. I held her quite gently. I took her to my shady cave above the river; I put her down and tried to mend her burnt wing. But she didn’t want my help.

“I will never again be able to fly.” She said to me.

“I know,” I didn’t say anything for a bit but then I told her, “I am blind in one eye, but life is still good.”

“An eye is nothing!” she said, angrily “How would you feel if you couldn’t run?” I didn’t answer. Magpie dragged her body away from me into the shadows of my den. It felt like she was melting into the blackness. Days, maybe a week later, magpie woke with a look of grief on her face. I was waiting for her. I tried to persuade her into going with me to the riverbank.

“Hop on my back” I told her “Look into the water and tell me what you see.”

She sighed, but she looked into the water. In the reflection of the water we saw the clouds and skies and trees, and something else.

“I see a strange new creature!” she said oddly.

“That is us,” I told her with sarcasm, “Now hold on tight!” Magpie was clinging to my back, which kind of hurt but I didn’t mind. I raced through the scrubs and I zoomed past the stringy barks, past the clumps of yellow box trees, and into blueness. I ran so swiftly that it felt like I was flying. Magpie felt the wind streaming through her feathers, I look at her face and she is rejoicing. Then she says excitingly “FLY DOG, FLY!!! I will be your missing eye, and you will be my wings.” And so I run, with Magpie on my back, every day, through the hot, and through the freezing cold winter.


After the rains, when saplings are springing up everywhere, Magpie began to tremble for some reason. Then I see a Fox.

“Welcome,” I say to him, “We can offer you food and shelter.” But Magpie looked scared but I wasn’t worried.

“Thank you,” says Fox. “I saw you running this morning. You looked extraordinary.” I was happy with our new friend but Magpie seemed to shrink away. I saw Fox staring at Magpies burnt wing.


In the evenings, when the air is creamy with blossom, Magpie and I relaxed at the mouth of my cave, I was enjoying her company. Now and again Fox would join the conversation, but the whole time Fox was watching her. Magpie was warning me about Fox.

She said “He belongs nowhere, he loves no one.” I was thinking why is she being like this.

“He’s alright. Let him be.”


When I woke up Magpie and Fox was gone. I went to the river and found Fox drinking. I asked, “Where is Magpie?” Fox didn’t reply. I attempted again, “WHERE IS MAGPIE?!?!” He stopped drinking and said to me with hatred in his eyes

“Now you know what it’s really like to be alone. She is somewhere in the desert. That’s all I will tell you.” He turned around and walked off. I ran as fast as I could until I got to the desert. For a minute or two I walked slowly while looking around to see I  could find her but there was no hope. It was a lot harder because I only have one eye. I was about to turn around and head back but then I saw this little black figure walking towards me. I ran to the figure as fast as I could and it was Magpie! I put her on my back and tld me about it on the way home. I was so happy to see her.


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 Write a short piece on your blog, explaining what “friendship” means to you. Who has been a good friend to you? When have you been a good friend to someone else? What does it mean to be a “good friend” to someone?

Friendship means, to be friendly and kind to one another. It also means you have to respect them and be loyal to them.  Lots of People have been good friends to me. A couple are Tegan, Ashley, Jack (Shiels, Smith, Frazer), Dannii, Andrew D and F and lots of others. I have been a good friend to someone else today. I gave him 2 dolllars because he left his lunch money at home. Being a ‘good friend’ to someone is important. It means that you can share a FRIENDSHIP with them for the rest of your lives.

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Describe a character: What does he/she look like?

Charlie Bucket has brown hair, a little pointy nose, and a slightly torn blue jacket, blue trackers with a light blue patch, brown shoes and white shin high socks.

Where does your character live?

Charlie Bucket lives a little house on the edge of a great town with his whole family – six grown-ups and him.

What do they want in the book?

Willy Wonka, the owner of the biggest and most famous Chocolate Factory in the world, gave a chance to five lucky children to come inside his chocolate factory if, they find a golden ticket in one of his chocolate bars. Charlie wanted a golden ticket so bad because he could provide his poor, hunger stricken family the food they need. And that is what Charlie wants in the book.

Are we supposed to like the character?

I reckon your supposed to like Charlie, he’s a pretty good and well-mannered kid.

Do I like him?



Because he’d be a likable kid if he was real, he’s nice, has manners and has a nice family.

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